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I'm so happy to announce that PHS Room 6 is now virtual! Lesson plans, some homework assignments, links, videos and more can be found now online! Missing school? Update yourself with my blog, but hurry back to class because I miss your smiling face!

Earth Science

Weekly Lessons:
Please see the PCHS Science Page for lesson plans, notes and other class items!

Websites for NASA Videos
NASA: 50 Years Video

NASA: 50 Years of Exploration (Scroll down, on left side it is the second video with heading "Featured Video" then has the title next to it and picture is of the top of a rocket)

My playlist on YouTube of the CBS and ABC News clips on the future of NASA and the closing of the shuttle program

The future of NASA press conference/speech by the Administrator of NASA http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/videogallery/index.html?media_id=99084281

**Remember, any extra material used must be cited! This includes videos, websites, readings, etc!

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